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March 2018

Swimming Pool Covers

Swimming Pool Covers

Kelmatt specialize in the manufacture and installation of swimming pool covers for the domestic and commercial market. Each cover is fabricated to the customer’s specific needs, with the major focus being water retention, heating, cost savings in chemical reduction and general maintenance. With this in mind we fabricate three specific covers to suit.

Solar blankets are designed specifically to retain water through reduced evaporation of up to 98%. As an added bonus solar blankets will increase your water temperature between 6 and 8 degrees Celsius, reducing heating costs dramatically.

Kelmatt solar blankets help keep out leaves and dirt, therefore reducing costs in the use of salt and chemicals by up to 50%.

Kelmatt solar blankets in combination with quality Daisy rollers enable safe storage and easy handling.

Leaf Covers and Solar Blankets available for order Australia wide. Enquire now on 03 9763 8522.