How Kelmatt Industries Keeps Emergency Responders Prepared
How Kelmatt Industries Keeps Emergency Responders Prepared
29 Jun 2023

How Kelmatt Industries Keeps Emergency Responders Prepared

When it comes to emergency situations, time is of the essence. That’s why emergency services personnel need their gear clean, protected, well-organised, clearly labelled, and in the right place. Kelmatt understands this crucial requirement and has developed a range of products that cater specifically to the needs of emergency responders.

Many of our customers are outdoor enthusiasts and value gear that is durable, reliable, and well-designed. When we talk to emergency services personnel, a similar theme emerges. Kelmatt’s high-quality PVC gear is the perfect fit for many emergency situations. Our products are not only used by the State Emergency Service (SES), but also trusted by Air Ambulance Victoria, Police, Royal Flying Doctors Service, Ambulance NSW Rescue Service, Department of Fire and Emergency Services in WA, state parks and wildlife departments, and fire services like the CFA and RFS in NSW.

Emergency services organisations are a growing customer-base and the reason is simple – our products meet the high standards required by these professionals. The trust in our brand stems from emergency services personnel owning our camping gear and recognising the exceptional quality and functionality it offers. They know that if our camping gear is top-notch, our emergency services gear will be too.

Imagine being at an emergency scene where every second counts. In those high-pressure situations, responders need to be able to access the right equipment quickly and easily. That’s where our products shine. Take, for example, our Vehicle Stabilisation Bag. It’s a game-changer for SES units as it allows them to store chocks, blocks, and associated tools used to stabilise vehicles at accident scenes in an easy, grab-and-go kit. With our product, responders can swiftly access the necessary equipment, saving precious time and potentially lives.

We take our collaboration with local emergency services very seriously. We work closely with these organisations to gain a deep understanding of their unique gear storage and transport needs. This collaboration has led to our current product range, which has undergone multiple refinements based on feedback and rigorous testing in the field. We can also customise products through colour choices and custom printed labels, ensuring all aspects of our products meet the specific requirements of the teams on the ground.

Our products are an extension of our acclaimed camping gear range. We apply the same principles – heavy-duty materials, quality workmanship, and innovative designs. Being Australian made, Kelmatt does better than overseas suppliers because we can react quickly to requests for new products, design alterations, and prototypes. While others may take months, we can often provide solutions in a matter of days. We can supply a single bag or hundreds of bags as needed. This flexibility is crucial for emergency services organisations that require customised solutions. This agility ensures that emergency services organisations receive the gear they need promptly.

Kelmatt is proud that our products play a vital role in supporting emergency services organisations across the country. We are committed to delivering quality, functionality, and customisation. By providing clean, protected, well-organised, and easily accessible gear, we enable emergency responders to focus on what matters most – saving lives and keeping our communities safe. Trust Kelmatt Industries to deliver the gear you need when it matters most.