From Billboards to Laptop Bags
From Billboards to Laptop Bags
8 Apr 2024

From Billboards to Laptop Bags

At Kelmatt, we’re turning the old saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” into a daily practice. This time, we’re working on a project that’s as green as it is clever. We’ve teamed up with a local energy provider to pull off something quite unique: making 500 laptop bags out of… old billboard skins!

You heard that right. Those giant PVC billboards that usually end up in landfill are getting a second shot at life. The energy company sent these skins our way, and we’re slicing, dicing, and stitching them into something useful for their employees to tote their laptops in.

We’re adding the bells and whistles – zips, sliders, and threads – but the star of the show is the upcycled PVC. It’s not just recycling; it’s upcycling with a dash of Kelmatt flair. Because why waste when you can create?

This project is a great example of what we stand for: innovation, solid craftsmanship, and an opportunity to keep the planet a bit tidier. It’s about making something durable and cool out of what would otherwise just pile up and cause problems.

So, as these bags go from being billboards to zippered satchels, they’re not just safeguarding laptops. They’re carrying a story of sustainability, a pinch of innovation, and a good dose of Kelmatt’s no-nonsense approach to doing things right.

Here’s to clever ideas, a cleaner planet, and bags that have seen more of the world than most.

Here’s one of the PVC billboard skins lined up in our cutter ready to start the job:

Billboard skins being cut into laptop bags