Camping Made Aussie-Tough: Now Shipping to USA, Canada, and New Zealand!
Camping Made Aussie-Tough: Now Shipping to USA, Canada, and New Zealand!
30 Aug 2023

Camping Made Aussie-Tough: Now Shipping to USA, Canada, and New Zealand!

Kelmatt’s top-notch camping accessories are no longer exclusive to the Australian bush.

Our online store is now open for all the outdoor enthusiasts from the USA, Canada, and New Zealand. So, whether you’re gearing up for a wild ride through the North American landscapes or craving the breathtaking beauty of New Zealand, Kelmatt’s got your back – and your gear!

Engineered Down Under, Loved Worldwide

We’ve been hearing from many of our overseas mates who’ve struggled to find camping gear that meets their standards locally. With Kelmatt’s expansion to the USA, Canada, and New Zealand, we’re here to deliver gear that not only matches your expectations but also goes the distance.

Our products are meticulously designed with functionality in mind, as well as ensuring they can handle the toughest conditions. We’re excited that an expanded Kelmatt family will experience the same durability, reliability, and innovation that we’re known for. Tough, reliable, and built to last.

What sets Kelmatt’s camping accessories apart? It’s the careful consideration and dedication poured into every design. These accessories are born from the heart of Australia’s unforgiving landscapes and made right here in Australia. Our team of experts craft each product to ensure it thrives in the toughest outdoor conditions. From durable chainsaw and tents bags to our tuff tarps, Kelmatt’s collection is a testament to the commitment to quality and innovation that has been our hallmark for decades.

Your Passport to Adventure

So now our gear needs to travel from one end of the world to the other. Don’t worry, we get it – prompt shipping is the name of the game. Based in Melbourne, Australia, we’ve leveraged our established shipping network to ensure that our camping accessories reach your doorstep promptly and safely. Now, campers from different corners of the world can experience the convenience of shopping online for premium gear without the hassle.

Ready to gear up? Explore the full range of camping accessories and kick-start your next adventure with Kelmatt Outdoor Gear.