Made in Australia, Built to Last: Experience the Kelmatt Difference!
Made in Australia, Built to Last: Experience the Kelmatt Difference!
20 May 2023

Made in Australia, Built to Last: Experience the Kelmatt Difference!

Kelmatt’s products stand head and shoulders above the rest. Since 1976, we’ve been manufacturing quality industrial textile products, right here in Melbourne. Our factory in Scoresby has been our home since 1989. We’re all about creating innovative, high-quality solutions that are tailored to suit your needs. Let’s explore why some of Australia’s biggest organisations have chosen our products.

Customisation at Its Best

The team at Kelmatt Australia believes in the power of customisation. Unlike mass-produced items from overseas, our products are all about meeting your unique requirements. From safety padding for sport and education to fence screens for tennis courts and privacy, or even wall padding and gym mats, we take the time to understand what you need and create customised products that are built to last. Whether it’s a small or large production run, our prompt service and effective communication ensure we’re producing exactly what the customer wants and needs.

Proudly Australian, Part of Our Iconic Story

We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with some outstanding Australian organisations. Our bespoke products have adorned sports facilities and stadiums, prestigious tennis courts, and more. The AFL, Tennis Australia, MCC, Cricket Australia, Netball Australia, and NRL have all trusted our expertise. We’ve also proudly served the Department of Defence and various emergency services. Our commitment to excellence extends to thousands of universities, schools, early learning centres, businesses, and individuals.

Attention to Detail

We’re all about paying attention to the little things. We can draw on decades of experience to provide expert recommendations. If you want it tailor-made, we are equipped to customise our products to suit your needs. That personal touch sets us apart and ensures that you get the perfect solution.

Products made for Australian conditions

With cutting-edge equipment, in-house design capabilities, and access to the best materials, we have worked hard to develop a range of top quality products designed for Australian conditions. Our Kelmatt Outdoor Gear range of camping accessories and supplies, are manufactured to withstand the Australian outdoors. Made with heavy duty materials and superior craftsmanship our gear is weather resistant, easy to use and super tough.

Reliable, Even in Challenging Times

When the going gets tough, we don’t back down. During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, we kept going strong. While other suppliers ran out of stock due to relying on imports, our local manufacturing capabilities meant that we didn’t leave our customers hanging! The resilience and commitment to meeting customer demands even in difficult circumstances were clear benefits of choosing our Australian-made products.

Empowering Our Workforce, Growing Together

We’re not just in the business of creating amazing products; we’re also passionate about fostering the growth of our Australian workforce. By creating local jobs and providing training in valuable skills, we’re making a positive impact. We want to preserve and cultivate manufacturing expertise right here in Australia.

Choosing Australian-made products from Kelmatt means choosing quality, uniqueness, and supporting our local economy. As an Australian manufacturer, Kelmatt has established itself as a trusted brand, delivering products that are made to last. With a diverse range of product solutions that cater to different needs, Kelmatt ensures that customers find the perfect fit for their requirements.